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Solar Knife™
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Solar Knife™
The Solar Knife™ (US Patent Number 9,364,959) "True Innovation"

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MADE IN USA! Don't be fooled by inferior imports! Be sure it's a Solo Scientific Brand!

The Solar Knife™ (patented) by Solo Scientific is a revolutionary knife that can be used as a traditional knife to cut or chop and can also be used to start your campfire using solar energy!

The Solar Knife™ has a very innovative ergonomic handle (scales), that not only serve to hold the knife in one's hands, but one side of the handle (scale)is also a very shallow parabolic reflective surfaces that is able to focus the sun's energy to a singular point above the knife to ignite combustible materials and start your campfire!

To use the Solar Knife™ to start a campfire the user simply aims the handle of the knife towards the sun and positions the fire starting tinder at the singular focus of the parabolic handle. To aid with positioning of the tinder, the Solar Knife™ itself is also a blue print that allows the user to fashion a precise tinder holder arm using any branch or twig that mounts quickly into an angled receptacle also machined into the Solar Knife™. Once in position, the end of the twig is split and wild tinder is wedged into place at the end of the twig. This firmly holds wild tinder at the exact focus of the parabolic handle above the knife! This maximizes efficiency without the need to carry extra parts! Talk about bridging man with nature!

Unlike optical magnifying glasses the parabolic reflector has no spherical aberration and is highly efficient focusing every photon to a singular point is space igniting combustible materials in seconds! Works great with char cloth and wild tinder such as dry leaves!

The Solar Knife™ is constructed using high quality materials. The full-tang blade of the Solar Knife is made from 420HC (high carbon) Stainless Steel that has been fully hardened to give both great edge holding and sharpening capability.


The handle (scales) are made from light-weight aircraft aluminum and are coated to prevent oxidation (may also include sacrificial anodes).

Blade Length: 4 inches (full tang) 3/16" thick

Overall Length: 8.5 inches

Metal: 420HC Stainless Steel

Includes High Quality Belt-Mount Sheath

Detail instructions included

Warning: This Product May Contain A Chemical Known To The State Of California To Cause Cancer, Or Birth Defects Or Other Reproductive Harm.

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